Azadi Trust is a small, Christian Charity in the heart of Birmingham. We have a vision for local community outreach and service, aiming to bring peace, freedom, and the life of Jesus to those of all faiths and none, particularly to those marginalised by age, ethnicity, disability, or destitution. We achieve this primarily by creating and maintaining places of peace in the city. 

We are a registered charity, number 1138663; we are also a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales, number 07247132.

Azadi Trust Phone: 07913442760; E-mail:

Some of our Activities:

AGM - In mid-March, our trustees, members, friends and associated guests gathered for Azadi's Annual General Meeting. We met at Christ Church in Sparkbrook, just down the road from the Azadi House. Each of our projects shared stories and pictures from the past year, we then had a time of sharing from members of each project, followed by a time of prayer. Finally, we shared a delicious meal to celebrate!

Many of us who attended were really moved by some of the words shared, particularly from the Hope Garden members who attended. One member described Hope Garden as a flower in her heart, what a beautiful and powerful picture! 


Each year for the AGM we present and discuss our accounts, as well as a yearly newsletter called the Azadi Update. Here they are below:

Fellowship Walk - Last Autumn we went on our first Fellowship Walk, an event we hope to repeat annually in the years to come. A group of 14 of us took up a 10k challenge in the Malvern Hills, walking from beacon to beacon and back. It was a great time of fellowship, challenge, and of course raising some money for our mortgage fund. A couple Hope Garden members came with us, and though the way was hard, they made it! After the last hurdle, the pride on their faces was evident to all.


Silent Auction - Earlier this year we met for a Silent Auction and Pub Quiz night. There was fun, fellowship, food (of course!) and fundraising. Items for auction were spread out all over the room, and people bid on them throughout the night. After eating, there was a pub quiz for everyone to take part in - the first place prize was a bunch of chocolates! The whole evening was a resounding success, raising a whopping £600. 

We definitely want to do another one next year!