I’m so grateful for Azadi House
— 'Paul'

Azadi House is a low-rent house in Sparkbrook for single Christian men who benefit from a shared faith community and support. There are four bedrooms and one flat, giving a normal occupancy of five residents. There is also a guest room for friends or others needing temporary accommodation.

The House also has an annexe rented out for a very low cost by local counsellors, churches, or community groups. 

Many of our trustees regularly visit the house to clean, chat and help where needed. This can involve anything from form filling, to having a 'cuppa,' or giving advice. 

Each year, to support the community atmosphere, trustees and residents go on a day away. Additionally, the trustees put on work parties where everyone gets together and takes part in various activities like re-painting or clearing out the attic, with a good lunch break of course! 

‘Paul,’ one of our residents, struggles with Bipolar. He needs the community of the house around him to support his daily struggle. He often tells us 'I'm so grateful for Azadi House.' Another resident, 'Justin' struggles to find more work hours, and needs the affordable accommodation and community that Azadi House provides.

Some of the residents and trustees on a trip

Some of the residents and trustees on a trip

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Seeking to offer:

  • Supported accommodation

  • Faith community

  • A separate 'Prayer' space providing a place of peace and calm for small Church and community use.