You are my family here
— Multiple Hope Garden Members

Hope Garden in Sparkbrook, is a second home to many who have no home in this country. 'Sophia,' a garden member described at our last AGM that 'for me Hope Garden is not a garden project, it is a family.'  

In one sense the Hope Garden project is about gardening: we do plant, tend, and care for a garden. But it is also a safe and peaceful place for people to come together and celebrate life through tending a garden, building friendships, and supporting one another.

Many of our members are going through difficult life circumstances with little hope such as seeking asylum, failing asylum, or struggling with long term disabilities. We want to share life with them and give them hope.

And it works! A member from Africa, ‘Nicki,’ describes coming as ‘the best medicine, better than what the doctor can prescribe you.’ For 'Alice,' the garden is 'like a flower in my heart,' a place where people are always there to listen, a place where anyone is always welcome, a place where good memories are made and will 'stay with us wherever we go,' a place of hope.   


New members and helpers are always welcome - we are especially looking for volunteers from the Sparkbrook area, go to the contact page for details on how to get a hold of us and find out more!  


What we do:

  • Tending and growing a garden 

  • Sharing fruits and vegetables grown in the garden

  • Baking cakes and celebrating together

  • Visiting gardens around the West Midlands

  • Creating crafts and art