I love it here because people are just so genuine, I don’t have to pretend to be someone else.
— Visitor to the Open Door Friendship Centre

"Hope Garden is like a flower in my heart."



"For me, Hope Garden is not a garden project, it is a family."


“I love coming here because you are all such nice people, I come here because your prayers mean so much to me.”



“I don’t know where I would go if you weren’t here, I would have nowhere else to go”

Visitor to the Open Door Friendship Centre

"We see Azadi Trust as a vehicle, supporting the Church in reaching inner-city people...in turn these people are loved and served in safe and free 'spaces,' finding friendship, and maybe finding faith in Jesus as well."
Mike Hodges, Charity Coordinator

"You are my family in this country"

                                                                              Members of the Hope Garden project


"It's made me much happier, being a part of this group has been a big blessing for me and I hope it continues in the future"



I’m so grateful for Azadi House
— 'Paul'

"Coming here is the best medicine, better than what the doctor can prescribe you." 

- 'Nicki'