It’s made me much happier, being a part of this group has been a blessing for me and I hope it continues into the future.
— 'Alice'

GLUE stands for God Loves U Eternally. This project is for women of all backgrounds (children welcome!) to get together, and celebrate life through fun activities and projects, while building lasting friendships and supporting one another through life. 

Last year GLUE had a theater and drama theme, with each member taking part in creating and performing beautiful plays. This year the theme is 'Our Bagicha' meaning 'Our Garden,' as in a garden one can expect a grand mixture of various colours/shades/smells/sizes and functions. Keeping with this theme, we are celebrating the food, culture and history of 7 counties by: cooking, eating, sharing stories, and celebrating our differences together.

Recently, GLUE visited the Moscow Circus and celebrated 'Women's Day.' GLUE finishes the year with a Cultural programme, where the members showcase their talents, and share in their own words what GLUE has meant to them.  

Pakistani Delight (1).jpg

Key Features:

  • Building friendships 
  • Support network
  • Celebration of life
  • Culture and food
  • Sightseeing
  • Drama
  • Arts and crafts